Submission Guidelines

Our Mission: Celebrating the Writing Life

At Millar Crime, we’re more than just a magazine—we’re a celebration of the writing life. As the No. 1 magazine for writers, we delve into the essence of what it means to be a writer in today’s publishing landscape. Through the voices of bestselling authors, emerging talents, and seasoned editors, we provide a comprehensive resource for writers seeking inspiration, improvement, and understanding amidst the challenges of modern publishing.

Empowering Writers

Our pages are a sanctuary for writers, offering a wealth of advice and real-life experiences that extend beyond the mundane. Whether crafting fiction or nonfiction, poetry or essays, articles or scripts, our readers find themselves immersed in a world where their passion for writing is not only understood but celebrated. We empower writers to hone their craft, navigate the complexities of the industry, and ultimately, get their work noticed.

General Focus: Keeping Writers Informed

As an instructive magazine, we keep our readers abreast of industry trends, spotlighting the latest success stories and the strategies behind them. We empower the inner raconteur of our readers, guiding them towards innovative ways to enhance their writing skills and amplify their voice. Our confident yet conversational style serves as a beacon of insight, with our editorial voice embodying that of a trusted friend in the business.

Submission Guidelines: Joining the Conversation

We welcome submissions of completed manuscripts and original pitches, encouraging writers to share their unique perspectives and expertise. Our acquisition process prioritizes thorough outlines and compelling proposals that demonstrate a clear benefit to our readership. While we value the contributions of new writers, we place a premium on the wisdom and experience of established voices within the industry.

How to Submit: Navigating the Process

To submit your work, email queries to our Acquisitions Editor at [email protected]. Please refrain from sending attachments, opting instead to paste your submission directly into the body of the email. We request that writers provide links to any relevant clips available online, along with a brief bio highlighting their publishing credentials. Accepted freelance articles should be submitted electronically, in either text-only or Microsoft Word format.

Pointers for Success: Setting Expectations

To streamline our submission process, we’ve outlined a few pointers for prospective contributors:

  • Queries must be submitted via email, and we do not accept or respond to queries via snail mail, phone, or fax.
  • We prioritize original content and do not purchase reprints of articles previously published in other writing magazines.
  • Interviews for our signature cover Q&A series are typically conducted in-house. Writers interested in pitching an interview with a well-known author should obtain approval from the subject prior to submission.
  • In today’s digital landscape, articles have the potential to manifest in various forms beyond print. Writers who can articulate supplementary digital formats for their content will receive special consideration during the review process.